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Din Torah (Arbitration) Services

 Beth Din Mekor Haim is a full service mediation and arbitration provider well known among Jews across the spectrum, we're handling dispute resolution with confidentiality, we dealt with a wide range of disputes and parties, from small claims to litigation involving million of dollars. These cases include: commercial ,employer-employee, landlord-tenant, real property, business interference, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, investor mismanagement, defective merchandise and unfair competition disputes, communal such as rabbinic contract disputes and other congregational issues) and familial (such as family business, inheritance and matrimonial) disputes. Cases are heard by a panel of three dayanim (arbitration judges) or, on occasion, one dayan.


The dayanim who sit on cases include leading authorities on Jewish law, as well as lawyers and businessmen who are familiar with secular law and contemporary commercial practices. When appropriate, the Beth Din will either include expert professionals on an arbitration panel, or consult them as expert witnesses.


The Beth Din maintains an impartial and confidential relationship with each of its clients. Hearings proceed in conformity with the Rules and Procedures of the Beth Din.


Prior to having a case heard by the Beth Din, litigants are required to enter into a binding arbitration agreement. The Beth Din conducts its proceedings in a manner that is consistent with the requirements of secular arbitration law, so that the rulings of the Beth Din are legally binding and enforceable in the secular court system.

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