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Opening a Din Torah (Arbitration) Case at the Beth Din Mekor Haim

If someone wishes to bring a case to our Beth Din, he or she may request that the Beth Din send a summons (hazmana) to inform the person being summoned. The Beth Din will typically send up to three hazmanot, following which the Beth Din, in its discretion, may issue a contempt decree (seruv). To open a case before the Beth Din and begin the hazmana process, please provide the information requested below. If both sides have already signed or are prepared to sign a contract or arbitration agreement naming the Beth Din Mekor Haim as arbitrator,

you may contact the Beth Din at or (718) 819-9236

to discuss scheduling a din torah hearing without the need for a hazmana.

There is a $150 filing fee to open a case and to begin the hazmana process.

PLAINTIFF   -    תובע
DEFENDANT   -    נתבע

Please briefly describe the nature of the claim, sufficiently clear description:

Thanks for submitting!

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